Decision Making

Tools for Leadership



Variables and Considerations

·         Three variables to consider

o    Quality

o    Acceptance

o    Time

·         Key considerations for successful decisions

o    Make best quality decision possible

o    Increase chance decision will be implemented quickly / effectively

o    Minimize long-term damage to morale

o    Make decision as quickly as possible


Variable – Quality

·         Facts over feelings

o    Technically sound

o    Measurable option(s)

o    Data

§  Do we have it

§  Do we know where to get it

§  Does it even exist


Variable – Acceptance

·         Do we just need people to “comply”?

·         or Do we need their willing commitment?


Variable – Time

·         Time isn’t an issue until you take care of quality and acceptance


Responsibility for the Decision

·         Issue at hand is accurately identified and the proposed decision would effectively deal with it (quality)

·         Those who are to implement the decision will have the enthusiasm and commitment necessary to so effectively and without unnecessary damage to long-term group morale (acceptance)

·         The decision is made without undue delay (time)


Decision-Making Styles

·         D1 – you decide alone

·         D2 – you seek info and then decide alone

·         D3 – you consult with the individuals then decide alone

·         D4 – you consult with the group then decide alone

·         D5 – you share the problem with the group and mutually decide